What is it?

“The clock” is a set of stopwatches which can be found at https://chronograph.io/cWkW7ump. We use it as a joke to pass time (pun very much intended) while we wait for Framework to do something new (and to keep us sane on days when the same question gets asked 10+ times - see the day when LTT released their 12th Gen review).

How does it work?

It’s simple: It runs on a service called chronograph.io, a free website which lets you create cloud-synced timers and stopwatches. There are two links for the timer - a view link which is posted publicly and an edit link which only the timekeepers have access to.

When any of the timekeepers see a post that meets the requirements to reset a timer, they go to the edit link and hit the reset button.

So it’s completely manual?


Isn’t that pretty inaccurate though?

Yes. And we’re ok with that. It’s not scientific, it’s a joke on the internet.

Isn’t this unwelcoming to new users?

It shouldn’t be! If you feel that way, we’re sorry. It’s something to keep us occupied while we wait for Framework’s next move. It’s not meant to make anyone feel bad. If you don’t like it, feel free to ignore it. You’re not obligated to respond to it.

What if I’m tired of seeing the reset messages?

See the previous answer.

What qualifies for a reset?

Asking for any of the things listed in the timers. As of right now, this is:

  • Framework Laptop with AMD CPU
  • Expansion to another country
  • Larger screen sizes.

The rules are 100% subjective. Resets are decided at the sole discretion of the timekeeper. Resets are permanent and cannot be undone.

We do not reset the timer if we believe that the post was made with the intention of resetting the clock since we believe this constitutes spam.

You should make a bot.

That’s not a question but we’ve decided against it for a few reasons.

Why not automate it?

  1. We would need to allocate resources (time and money) to developing, hosting, and maintaining the bot, something we aren’t willing to do for a joke on the internet. (Yes, doing it manually takes more time overall but we’re already on Discord so it doesn’t really matter)
  2. Bots are bad at filtering for spam and intentional resets. Sure, AI models can be trained, but they take a lot of resources (see #1)
  3. Bots on Discord have to be added by a server administrator, something that puts a lot of trust in the hosts and devs, since they have the bot token which gives them, in effect, the same permissions as the bot. It’s not a decision that admins, especially of partnered servers, should take lightly and we don’t want to put Framework staff in that position.
  4. I created it to be a joke. I think its funnier when people realize that it’s people hitting buttons every few hours than it would be if it were some robot - Morph
  5. I rather like saying ‘tick tock tick tock’, so that’s my argument against it - Sen

Who are these timekeepers you keep referring to?

The current timekeepers are:

  • Morpheus636
  • Senhara

How can I become a timekeeper?

Honestly, we’re not really looking for any new timekeepers right now. If there is a massive increase in the number of requests, we might add more. The timekeepers are hand-picked from active users of the Framework Discord server by the existing timekeepers if and when we decide to add more.