Good news! Redownload is no longer in alpha and is ready for it’s first beta release.

What does this mean?

It means that our first simplified version, consisting of a basic CLI, is at a point where we will consider it stable and begin working to develop additional features, like support for hosts other than, and a GUI so users don’t have to use a command line at all. These additional features will be included in the first “major release”, v1.0.0.

If you didn’t see the Project Announcement, or are just seeing Redownload for the first time, Redownload is an automated tool for downloading music from Relisten. Relisten works by playing music from various other hosts, and at this time, we support only tracks hosted on Redownload also works for downloading stream-only tracks directly from, all you have to do is provide an link instead of a relisten link.

The builds for this version can be found Here, and usage and installation documentation can be found Here. Contact me through my Discord Server or Forums for help and feedback, or open a GitHub Issue in the repository for bugs and feature requests.

Patch Notes for Redownload v0.1.0

The following changes were implimented between v0.1.0a2 and the current release:

  • Fixed a bug which caused redownload to overwrite a file if you downloaded another with the same name - it now throws an error.
  • Added a -v or –version flag to the CLI’s syntax.

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