I’ve been using Zeal to view documentation for about a year now, and after spending some time writing scripts to install all the software on my workstation, Zeal docsets was the one thing I couldn’t manage to automate from a command-line, so I built Zeal CLI.

Per the README (and the project page):

Zeal CLI is a command-line-interface for managing Zeal docsets on Linux. It’s syntax is roughly based on the basic syntax of the apt package manager, because Zeal CLI is basically a package manager for docsets.

This first version supports linux ONLY, and all the same official Dash docsets as Zeal supports by default. Plans for the future include Windows support, and supporting community and custom docsets.

The builds for this version can be found Here, and usage and installation documentation can be found Here. Contact me through my Discord Server or open a GitHub Issue in the repository for help, bugs, feature requests, or other feedback.

I’m not including any patch notes in this post, because this is the first release. Future versions will contain a changelog with a list of updates.

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