Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a high school senior (Shaker ‘24) with lots of hobbies. I’m a student journalist, currently serving as the editor of The Shakerite. I spend my spare time programming and maintaining open-source software, and doing volunteer community management and moderation.

I’m a maker, but I prefer the technical side of making over the creative side. I enjoy figuring out how things work and how I can utilize that knowledge in other projects. I like to force myself to think outside the box. I’m motivated by seeing hard work pay off. Planning and logistics are my greatest strengths.

Feel free to reach out via any of the contact methods linked on the contact page.


Leadership Experience (Volunteer)

Ohio Attorney General’s Office: Teen Ambassador Board

  • Member (August 2023 - Present)

The Shakerite

  • Editor in Chief (May 2023 - Present)
    • Overseeing production of five print editions and digital coverage. Responsibilities include assigning and editing articles, coaching Shakerite staffers, publishing articles online using Wordpress, writing breaking news coverage and reviewing all material prior to publication.
  • Web Design Editor (May 2022 - May 2023)
    • Managed more than 30 student journalists alongside other members of The Shakerite’s executive team. Additional responsibilities included editing draft articles, website development, publishing articles to Shakerite.com and managing social media accounts.
  • Investigations Reporter (August 2021 - May 2022)
    • Wrote investigation, feature and hard-news articles and carried out assignments under the guidance of my editors.

Framework Computer

  • Community Moderator - Cross Platform (October 2022 - Present)
    • Overseeing more than 55,000 users across three community platforms. Responsibilities include moderating and curating user content, responding to user reports, providing community support and escalating issues to Framework staff for further investigation. I also host and maintain the Framework Discord Server’s ModMail bot and community Minecraft server.


  • Community Manager (January 2023 - Present)
    • Managing the event’s official social media accounts and website content/development. I also oversee attendee outreach and logistics including registration and communication.

Python_Practice Community

  • Discord Administrator (April 2021 - Present)

Gold Shaw Farm

  • Discord Administrator (January 2023 - Present)


  • Discord Moderator (October 2021 - Present)

Work Experience

Turney’s Home and Auto

  • Retail Associate (2021 - Present)
    • Assisting customers in automotive, hardware, electrical, plumbing and locks. Additional responsibilities include approving customer returns, sharpening knives, cutting glass and plexiglass, duplicating keys and picking/re-keying locks. I have also assisted in training other associates to pick and re-key locks.


  • Writing and Editing in Associated Press (AP) Newswriting Style
  • Programming in Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. I have also experimented with Java, C++ and Assembly.
  • Linux system administration using BASH, Ansible and Docker
  • Git version control
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation using GitHub Actions

Personal Projects

  • View my software development portfolio
  • The Terabyte Tribune
    • Both out of frustration with tech journalism and as a way to hone my reporting, newswriting and editing skills while not working on my school newspaper, I started The Terabyte Tribune in May 2023 to report on technology news the way it deserves to be covered.


Shaker Heights High School (Class of 2024)