Josh Levin

Hi, I’m Josh. In the fall, I will be a freshman at the University Of Massachusetts Boston. In high school. I was an active student journalist, serving as the editor of The Shakerite for my senior year. I also founded The Terabyte Tribune, an online technology news publication. I spend my spare time programming and maintaining open-source software, and doing volunteer community management and moderation.

I enjoy figuring out how things work and how I can utilize that knowledge in other projects. I like to force myself to think outside the box. I’m motivated by seeing hard work pay off. Planning and logistics are my greatest strengths.

Writing Portfolio

News - Spectators Prohibited Due to ThreatSchools Close for Storm Cleanup

Feature - Planting The Seeds of STEMFrom Notebooks to Chromebooks

Opinon - Teachers, Please, Tri-Fold No MoreEditorial: Scott and Wang for Board of Education


  • Founded a technology news website called The Terabyte Tribune. I manage all aspects of the site, including writing, server administration and development of a completely custom WordPress theme.
  • Built a homelab from repurposed desktop computers to experiment with selfhosting. My lab is linux-based, relying primarily on Docker and Ansible for management and deployment.
  • Wrote Redownload, a utility for downloading audio files from Relisten and The Internet Archive.
  • Wrote Zeal-CLI, A CLI for managing the offline documentation viewer, Zeal.
  • Created an online presence for a dog meetup called BullyBash, including social media feeds and a website with FAQs, an agenda and a registration form.